stegocurve  1.1
Tool for plot easily the efficiency of code based steganography
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Data Fields
PLOTTER Struct Reference

Structure where is managed plotters. More...

#include <plotter.h>

Data Fields

void(* pre_processing )(struct PLOTTER *P)
void(* processing )(struct PLOTTER *P)
void(* post_processing )(struct PLOTTER *P)
char * Plotter_filename
FILE * Plotter_file
char * output_filename
const stegocurve_argsdata

Detailed Description

Structure where is managed plotters.

Field Documentation

const stegocurve_args* data

Structure which contains the association data files and titles [stegocurve_args*]

char* output_filename

File name of the output file [char*]

FILE* Plotter_file

File pointer of the intern file [FILE*]

char* Plotter_filename

File name of the intern file [char*]

void(* post_processing)(struct PLOTTER *P)

Pointer to post procesing function [void () (struct PLOTTER *P)]

void(* pre_processing)(struct PLOTTER *P)

Pointer to pre procesing function [void () (struct PLOTTER *P)]

void(* processing)(struct PLOTTER *P)

Pointer to procesing function [void () (struct PLOTTER *P)]

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